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CCTV Security Camera Installers for London or the South East

If you just need a simple CCTV system to protect your home or a fully integrated system working alongside your current fire and alarm systems we can help you in London or the South East.

We can plan install and support your CCTV system from just a basic idea through to a fully integrated system which you can view from anywhere via your smartphone, PC or Laptop. If you are in London or the South East give us a call today for a free consultation for any needs you might have and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

CCTV Installation

Basic 4 Camera System


You can a have a four camera CCTV recording system with remote monitoring via PC or Smartphone installed and operating for as little as

£799 Fully Installed.


You then have the ability to monitor your property from anywhere 24 hours a day, giving you peace of mind, and if an incident were to occur you would have a permanent record.

Full protection customised to your needs

If your requirements are more specific we can tailor make a system to suit your exact needs. This can be interfaced with fire, alarm and access control systems giving you total control of your operating environment. We can help you with every aspect of such a project from initial advice and guidance as to what equipment wouild be best suited to your business, through to setting up remote monitoring for any user who needs to know what is going on at all times.

cctv londonemail